Small Food Pouches

Order your weekly Nigerian and Jamaican small to medium meals here. All food are packaged Chilled, and in Food Grade BPA Free pouches that you can reheat or transfer into Fridge or Freezer for later consumption. Food is delivered to you in Insulated temperature controlled packaging which is monitored by Temperature stickers inside your food package boxes. Then it is shipped by Next Day Courier service.

Cold food pouch order processing time is 1-3 working days excluding weekends and bank holidays. Order by 10am to guarantee delivery for the next day. Sometimes it may take a little longer, however, we will contact you if we experience any delays. Our Chilled Food are packaged to last 4 days in transit.

Please make sure you are available for delivery on your chosen delivery date. All Meat and Poultry we cook with are Halal Certified. The food pouches will be labelled with ingredients and allergen advice. Please state any dietary/allergy information in the Order notes section at the Checkout page.


We regularly cook with ingredients containing the major allergens such as Gluten, Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Eggs, Celery, Soya and Dairy etc. Whilst we are very careful in preparing dishes to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee traces of the major allergens being in our food or ingredients.


BBQ Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings seasoned in Souldeliciouz’s own BBQ Sauce and grilled on a charcoal grill with smoking chips. Comes with Smokey BBQ dipping sauce. GF, DF, NF and Halal

Beef Suya (180g, 400g, 1kg bags)

Beef torso marinated in suya spice and grilled to perfection. Succulent and juicy. 180g, 400g and 1kg bags. Contains Nuts & Soya. Hot. GF, DF, Halal. 

Chicken Suya

Boneless chicken thigh meat marinated in suya spice and grilled to perfection on a charcoal grill. Can be enjoyed alone, with salad or any rice dish of your choice Contains Nuts. Hot. GF, DF, Halal

Ewa Riro (Stewed Beans) Vegan

Black eyed beans cooked in tasty mild spicy stew.  Goes well with Nigerian Agege bread, Boiled Yams or Fried Plantains. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. GF, NF, DF

Fried Plantain 20 pcs

10 slices of Fried Plantain. Suitable for Vegans. GF, NF, DF

Jerk BBQ Sauce

Souldeliciouz’s own Sweet Smokey Jerk Sauce. Suitable for Vegans. GF, NF, DF

Jollof Rice

Rice cooked in spicy tomato stew and smoked to perfection. Suitable for Vegans. GF, DF, NF

Lamb Suya (180g, 400g, 1kg bags)

Lamb steaks marinated in suya spice and grilled to perfection. Comes in 180g, 400g and 1kg bags. Contains Nuts. Hot.  GF, DF, Halal

Rice n Peas

Rice cooked in Coconut and Red Kidney beans sauce. Suitable for Vegans. GF, DF, NF

Suya Spice (Hot)

Suya spice portion. Spicy and contains Nuts. Suitable for Vegans. GF, DF.