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This video will show you how we cook this Nigerian delicacy Efo Riro and Pounded Yam in the simplest way in our kitchen. Yes, real Pounded Yam from YAMS! No Powder! No Mortar and Pestle needed! No sweating and Back Breaking! Just finger licking Iyan and Efo hmm….hmmmm.

This is a very popular dish from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa. It is also enjoyed in other West African countries. The Vegetable stew usually contains a variety of Meats, Fish and green leaves such as Spinach, Ugu (Pumpkin Leaves), Tete (Callaloo Leaves) and Water Leaves. You can use all or some of the leaves you like.

Please feel free to message me any questions for help suggestions or if you need alternatives other than what is in the ingredients.

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4-6 Red Bell Peppers/Tatashe

10 Scotch Bonnet Peppers (You can reduce this by adding more Bell Peppers, for instance if you can only handle 1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper, then use 8-10 Bell Peppers)

1 Red Onion

2 tsp Cray Fish

2 Cups Palm Oil

2 tbs Iru (Locust Beans)

100g Smoked Large Prawns

100g Stock Fish

100g Shaki (Cow Tripe)

100g Beef

100g Cowfoot

100g Fuku (Cow Lungs)

1 Bunch of Ugu/Pumkin Leaves (approx150g)

1 Bunch Spinach (approx150g)

Salt and Maggi cubes


  1. Soak Stock Fish in Hot Water for 1 hour or more. Reserve liquid for later. Best result to soak overnight.
  2. Pluck, wash and chop all leaves.
  3. Blend Paprika, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Onion and Crayfish. Set aside.
  4. Bleach Palm Oil on low heat for 10 minutes or until it changes to a lighter colour
  5. Pour in Pepper mix and add 1 tsp Salt and 2-4 Maggi cubes.
  6. Add Stock Fish and Prawns and allow to simmer for about 5 minutes.
  7. Add rest of meat and cook on medium to low heat for 15 minutes
  8. Peel and chop yam in small cubes.
  9. Add enough water to top of yam and cook on stove
  10. Check soup and add the fish stock and Iru
  11. Add Ugu leaves, stir and cover to simmer for 5 minutes
  12. Add Spinach, stir in and simmer for another 2 minutes


To Make the Pounded Yam

You need a Food Processor. 750 watts or higher.

  1. As soon as the yam is cooked is when you have to blend it. Do not leave to warm down at all, so make sure all your utensils and food processor is ready to use before removing the yam from the fire.
  2. Line several bowls with cling film as shown in video.
  3. Add 3 large spoons of yam in the food processor and add a scoop of the water from the pot to the yam. Blend on highest speed until yam looks smooth. Add more water, little by little if processor stiffens.
  4. Use a spatula to scoop yam into cling film and wrap it up.
  5. Continue the same process until all yams has been blended.

Serve your Efo Riro and Pounded Yam.





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